<img src="toiletstool.jpg" alt="white easyGopro toilet stool on brown fluffy bathroom rug under base of toilet">
 <img src="easygopro.jpg" alt="white toilet stool with kids feet about 4 years old resting on the stool in a fake bathroom">
<img src="toiletstool.jpg" alt="white easyGopro with a man's legs and feet resting on the toilet stool while sitting on the toilet wearing Nike golf shoes argyle socks and khaki pants">
White easygorpo toilet stool in front of a toilet on top of a bronze fuzzy bathroom rug, in a manly bathroom.

Classic White

Our Flagship Original Stool 

 Pure and simple white that works in every bathroom.
We truly are proud of out Simple, Ergonomic And Compact Solution To Help You 
Go Easier And Feel Better!


Doctor recommended for the entire family – perfect for adults to elevate their feet for a more natural position as it relaxes the puborectalis muscle responsible for continence.
Pediatricians recommend a toilet stool post potty training to eliminate discomfort from dangling feet.
Reduce Constipation
Reduce Straining & Bloating
Reduce Hemorrhoids
Enjoy Easier Elimination
Improved Toilet Posture

Doctor Recommended 
Universal Size for All Humans and Toilets
Pedicure Footrest
Compact, Discreet & Ergonomic
Easy to Clean & Easy to Store 
Sturdy and Lightweight 
Holds Up to 200 pounds
Size:  L 17.1" x H 7.5" x W 8"
Reinforced Rubber Feet
Slight Heel Toe Slant
Polypropylene High-Gloss Plastic