Eliminate the rule


transformation begins here

In the Beginning

Concepts are manifested from universal vibration. Beautiful design is a result of perfect alignment.


the toilet is not a perfect design

The toilet, a man-made essential device, is not in alignment with the anatomical needs of the human body.

Eliminating the Rules

Meet the eliminators

we had fun making this for you

constipation ruins more days per year than bad hair

A simple toilet stool so stealth you barely see it, won't help your hair, but will eliminate some other bad days.

Anatomy 101

complement your health & home

Original Classic White

Courtesy of J. Hamilton & Harper, Silver Lake, CA. 

want it?

Pink Power

We just do it right. Available in the Elevate in Color Collection.


ICE - Clearly Awesome

When a toilet stool is so sexy it turns you on. 

Get It

Lavender Calms

Calm and soothe your soul. In our Elevate in Color Collection.

Stay Calm

It's simple

Aspire to greatness - elevate.

Do it


Is realizing you just found something awesome.

it works homegirl

Mind Gut power

Elevate more than your feet - elevate your mind, body and soul.

want to know more

It's time.

Keep your colon clean - your mind will elevate.

go time just got easier

What's in your bathroom?

Is it the most discreet, compact & cool toilet stool, or one of "those"?

Elevate or Squat

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