Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I go regularly now, do I need to use easyGopro™?

A: That's a personal choice, more than likely you don't need to use it.  But, it doesn't hurt to have in the home for friends and family.   

Q: Does easyGopro™ help digestive health?

A: Good health begins in our digestive system. What goes in must come out. Being regular is extremely important to our overall health and longevity, we must keep our digestive system moving. easyGopro™ makes going easier, more comfortable, and helps to improve digestive health

Question:  What is the different between squatting and elevating?

A.  We choose to talk about the features of our product in a manner that we feel is more in align with our message of elevating ones' health and life.  Squatting is a verb that conjures up all sorts of interesting visions in ones' head, and we choose not to be associated with the "visual" of squatting.  We'll leave that door open to our competition.   Elevating on an easyGopro is different than squatting on a toilet platform.  Squatting is something you do outdoors and requires spreading your legs and lowering your buttocks down to your heels.  We don't go that far and we don't think you want to either.  It's not necessary as results are similar when elevating at a comfortable distance on a toilet stool that is 7.5" high.  You could say we eliminated the squat also. 

Q: Where is easyGopro sold?

A: We only sell right here - if you buy on Amazon then they will take 40% and send the order to us to fill.  So, buy direct!  

Q: Are the labels removable?

A: Yes. We use a special BOPP film material that are extremely easy to remove and leave no residue.  You can leave them on or take them off - we love our product's sleek and discreet design without labels once in your home - but don't forget to tell your people that it's easyGopro and not that other "squat" brand.

Q: How is easyGopro different than other toilet stools?

A:  Here is a recent article from WireCutter New York Times - 2/28/21  https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/squatty-potty-review/#slim-but-sturdy-easygopro-original

Q: Is it safe for potty training?

A: Our stool was not designed as a potty training device.  But, with close supervision and hand holding, yes it is safe.  We don’t recommend ever leaving a child unsupervised in a bathroom.

Q:  Why are the rubber feet stapled?

A.  Our design is so elegant and minimalist that the rubber feet are delicate in nature and thus do not have the typical girth of rubber feet.  The feet need to be stapled to insure they are secure without disrupting the aesthetics of the overall design and function.  

Q: Why should kids rest their feet?

A: Research shows 60% of school age kids do not use the toilet at school. Childhood constipation continues to be a growing concern as the causes are different from adult constipation. Dangling feet is proving to be the largest contributor as it may take up to 6-10 years before your child’s feet reach the ground. The physical discomfort and inability to create proper pressure for elimination leads not only to severe constipation, potential prolapsed rectum and enlarged colon but fear of the toilet in general and emotional difficulty for child and parent. 

Q. I have a different toilet stool, why should I buy easyGopro?

A:  We have simply the most compact and aesthetically pleasing design.

Q: I have a low toilet in one bathroom and comfort height in another, do I need to buy different heights?

A: No. We designed our toilet stool to work with every toilet on the market.

Q: How long before I see results?

A: Most of our customers experience a difference immediately, but everyone is different so take a little time to adjust and then watch the magic.

Q: Is it okay to use easyGopro™ when doing number 1?

A: Yes. It can help empty the bladder more completely by elevating the feet and eliminating with a pelvic tilt.

Q: Is it okay to use if I’m pregnant?

A: Absolutely!  We've heard from several expecting Mothers that using easyGopro made a huge difference for them in their comfort of elimination.

Q: How do I clean it?

A: Clean with water and soap, then dry.  You can also use a ready wipe to clean.


Q: Why can’t I just use a stack of books or step stool?

A: You can, but why would you? Books will get in the way, be ruined, and are potentially dangerous.  A step stool may work but it’s not necessarily the right height, doesn’t have a slant, and doesn’t store neatly away under the toilet when not in use.   You can see a comparison at the bottom of “Form and Function” page of other stools.

Q: What makes easyGopro different from other products?

A: Other toilet stools on the market are big and bulky and don’t guarantee to fit your toilet like we do.  Here are a few comps:

  • Smaller Size: 17″ x 8″ x 7.5″ vs. 21.5 x 12.5″ x 7″ or 9″
  • Compact & Convenient: Fits all toilets and bathrooms guaranteed – there’s no guessing or measuring.
  • Professional Ergonomic Design: clean, unobtrusive
  • Light Weight: 1.3 pounds vs. 5.4 pounds – safe for kids.

Q: My husband is 6’10” will it work for him?

A: Yes! This is the importance of professionals that specialize in ergonomic design and research. We developed a footrest for all ages, body types, and heights.  In fact our designer is 6’8″!

Q: Can my kids use it as a step stool at the sink?

A: We have had customers tell us that their kids use it to brush their teeth, wash their hands, etc.  Some customers even buy an extra one for under their desk to elevate their feet while working.  And others use it in the bathroom to paint their toenails or wash their feet. It’s truly a handy bathroom stool with health benefits.