<img src="toiletstool.jpg" atl="easyGopro adult toilet stool that is clear and sturdy plastic with a pair of hipster type feet in leather shoes with rolled up black pants elevated on the toilet stool that is very cool ">
<img src="easygopro.jpg alt="adult toilet stool to help constipation by elevating the feet when sitting on the toilet, there are 2 feet with platform leopard shoes and blue pants sitting on the toilet with only its feet showing on the stool">
easygopro clear toilet stool with very cute pair of legs in black and white converse shoes, one is untied, with a black and white skirt that peaks out the top of the image. It's a very cute ad for a toilet stool for constipation.
easygopro clear toilet stool with very pretty lady in a wedding dress exposing her shins and bare feet and holding onto a pair of beautiful sparkling shoes in one hand.  Her feet are on the clear plastic adult toilet stool, very classy and delicate message for advertising with class and taste a product for constipation.
easyGopro toilet stool close up - you can see how clear the plastic is and the detailed structure of the product. It like architecture.


ICE - Clearly Cool. SOLD OUT

The Celebrity Favorite

We love scrolling through our orders and finding the latest celebrity who has ordered.  Usually an assistant would buy for celebrities, but we find that not to be true, perhaps they don't want to talk about their poop with anyone.  Smart move - we won't tell either, but thank you!  




Doctor recommended for the entire family – perfect for adults to elevate their feet for a more natural position as it relaxes the puborectalis muscle responsible for continence.
Pediatricians recommend a toilet stool post potty training to eliminate discomfort from dangling feet.
Reduce Constipation
Reduce Straining & Bloating
Reduce Hemorrhoids
Enjoy Easier Elimination
Improved Toilet Posture
Doctor Recommended 
Universal Size for All Humans and Toilets
Pedicure Footrest
Compact, Discreet & Ergonomic
Easy to Clean & Easy to Store 
Sturdy and Lightweight 
Holds Up to 200 pounds
Size:  L 17.1" x H 7.5" x W 8"
Reinforced Rubber Feet
Slight Heel Toe Slant
Polypropylene High-Gloss Plastic