Why Elevate? Anatomy 101

Humans should not sit on a toilet.

Our Anatomy Is Not Designed To ‘Go’ In A Sitting Position

As humans, our bodies are anatomically designed to eliminate in the squat position (a 35-degree angle). Although the western toilet is comfortable, it’s unnatural. Ailments such as constipation and hemorrhoids are the result of incorrect toilet posture. With easyGopro it’s easy to elevate your feet for the exact angle necessary to mimic a natural position. You’ll enjoy the comfort of optimal toilet posture for easy elimination with the benefits of a healthier way to go!

     It's pretty obvious that if the natural position for elimination was elevating the knees above the hips, then logically sitting at 90 degrees on a toilet was just the wrong thing to do.  In fact there is a book written by Dr. Welles where it was said by doctors in 1929 (there about) that our sitting at 90 degrees to poop was going to cause an array of ailments in the future.  Sure enough there are 64 million constipated people in the US alone.  Elevating ones feet to eliminate is not a magical pill, but it certainly puts one back in a more anatomical position for elimination.  

    We could show gross diagrams of colons, but you can find that on Youtube on your own time, we shouldn't have to convince you that adding a simple toilet stool that will last forever, is a wise choice to have in the home - noticed we said "wise".  

    Who doesn't want a simple solution to make elimination easier?   Our goal is to create constipation free zones across America, are you in or are you out?