Our Purpose


Sleek, sexy,  affordable & simply adorable.

Design the coolest toilet stool in the world that has no shame attached and deliver results without the discomfort of squatting; affordable for everyone; sturdy enough for the entire family; compact footprint for the smallest toilet alcoves; one universal height to eliminate any guess-work; engineered by the best to be aesthetically elegant and discreet.  Manufactured in the USA.

Currently we hold 5 design patents around the world with our partner Henner Jahns of Gecco-Vision, our design firm that also designs for Gillette, Herman Miller, Sitag, etc. 

Wendi Cooper the CEO and Founder of easyGopro and easyGokids has been dedicated her time to building easyGopro toilet stool company into one that is competitive and desired around the world.  She handles all elements of the business from day to day to all creative.  She thanks her two key partners Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics and SDM Plastics.