The Story

Nature Called, We Answered

For hundreds of years the world has been too afraid to talk about toilet issues. Finally, a team rallied together and decided something needed to be done. No ifs ands or butts. 

A stool was born.

easyGopro is a toilet stool designed by people with the same problem - going.

We believe every trip to the bathroom should end with a home-run. Elevating your going-game is easy and doesn’t require secret supplements. All it takes is a new approach. 

With simple science, modern technology, and a fun spirit, we’ve created a solution to your bathroom slump. We call it - cannonballing.

Sound odd? It’s not.

Honestly, history is repeating itself a bit. Cannonballing was a technique used by practically every primate for a successful Go until the flushable sit-down toilet was created in 1596. The proper technique requires your knees to be raised above the waist, giving the body a natural 35-degree angle and fully opening the puborectalis muscle, allowing full elimination from the colon. In basic lingo, cannonballing creates a better splash.  

Yes, you can do this on a toilet, with a little help…

easyGopro toilet stool provides a level to comfortably rest your elevated feet on, putting you in the perfect position to answer nature’s call. Once the call has dropped, easyGopro is designed to tuck under virtually every household toilet. The minimal, contemporary look adapts to any bathroom and lets you act as primitive as you’d like. It’s so easy, you don’t even need to bring your smartphone. 

To date, constipation continues to challenge easyGopro…and keeps losing. 

Flush that,1596.